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Fire Permit Application

Please complete this application if you'd like to undertake open-air burning that is 61 cm x 61 cm (24” x 24”) or less. The approved burn permit will be valid until December 31 of the year the permit is issued. The fee for the burn permit is $25 which must be paid at Severn's Administration Office when picking up your permit.

Please ensure that all information entered is correct and accurate (i.e., spelling of your address and e-mail address, etc.). Any errors may result in your permit application being rejected. 

You must follow all of the requirements outlined in the Open-Air Burning By-law.

Privacy statement

Information contained on this form is collected under the authority of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act. Information collected will be used and managed by the Township of Severn in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for general municipal operationsIf you require additional information, please view our Freedom of Information and Routine Disclosure Policy.

Please indicate that you've read and understand the above privacy statement.
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